Which online beer subscription is best for you?

With the activity of pubs being halted by the unfortunate events of COVID-19, there has been a dramatic increase in online beer subscriptions.

Although here at BeerBellyBros we hate to see the pubs declining, we do recognize a lot of benefits in the digital influence this has had on the beer world. What the digital subscription model does, is it allows for greater availability of difficult to find beers, which has allowed the masses to enjoy an exceptional variety of beers from independent breweries in the comfort of their own homes.

This article will look into some of the best beer subscriptions out there at the moment:

Updated August 2020

Beer 52

Founded 2013, Beer52 was inspired by a motorcycle road trip between a father and son, visiting breweries in Belgium along the way.

They have grown exponentially since these days and are now recognised as one of the most popular beer clubs worldwide.

For more details, check out: Beer 52


With more than 1000 beers stocked, they carry everything from best-selling Belgian beers to real ales, sour beers, and wheat beers. They select beers with a passion and quality that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

BeerHawk partners with a company called BeerBods who provide an amazing subscription that is an excellent gift for any beer lovers in your life.

Check out BeerBods Website (BeerHawks subscription): BeerBods


Honestbrew has a simple proposition: decide how many beers you want each month and cancel whenever you want.

Close to 100% of their beers cannot be found in supermarkets so you will be sure to discover something new with each package.

For more details, check out: HonestBrew


Flavourly are on a mission to provide excellent quality beer to the masses.

As stated on their website:

"Our mission is to get people drinking better beer by making it easier (and more affordable) than ever to access great-tasting, high quality, fresh craft beer. But how do we do it?"

For more details, check out: Flavourly

Best of British Beer

This is the subscription for those who are passionate about British produce and supporting home grown businesses.

The stats behind success:

  • They've featured over 500 breweries since launching
  • They've sold more than 3 million bottles of beer (that fills 4 Olympic swimming pools)
  • They were the first UK company to launch a beer advent calendar
  • Their Award Winners 12 Pack has been the best selling case for 8 consecutive years
  • They have over 90 different beer and cider gift packs
  • Best of British Beer does exactly what it says in the title.....

    For more details, check out: Best of British Beer

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