Ten of the best breweriews and taprooms to visit in London

Here at BeerBellyBros, we love nothing more than an afternoon brewery tour, followed by a few leisurely pints in a buzzy beer garden.

London is a beer obsessed city, that is full of exceptional beers, and with this comes some amazing breweries. We recommend going to brewery tours to learn more about how the beer is made and most importantly tasting beer fresh from the source.

Although COVID-19 is preventing a lot of brewery tours, some have started up again so please check websites for availability.

Updated August 2020

Fuller's Brewery

Location: Chiswick

This Brewery is a must visit for any beer fand visiting London. Not only is it's set in the pictureque location of Chiskwick but it also the home of London Pride, which is a beer central to London's pub culture.

The brewry tours will show you through the history and heritage, with insights into ale-making. The tour lasts around two hours and finishes with the highlight: a tasting of some of Fuller's finest ales.

For more details, check out: Fuller's Brewery

Surrey Hills Brewery

Location: Surrey/Dorking

Set near the bottom of Box Hill in the picturesque Surrey Hills, this is a must-visit if you want to escape the cities hustle and bustle. The brewery itself is based at the back of the Denbies Estate (the largest vineyard in the UK) so offers an excellent backdrop of all the vines, which is spectacular to walk around in the summer.

Anyone who likes cycling, it’s worth considering Surrey Hills Brewery as a pit stop during the iconic Box Hill Olympic Route

For more details, check out: Surrey Hills Brewery

Woolfpack Brewery

Location: Queens Park

Settled nicely near Queens Park high street, this is a lovely place to visit for anyone looking for a taproom with a great atmosphere that is welcoming for all. Founded by two ex-rugby players, “The Den” as they refer to it as has a rugged interior that is full of character.

This is a hidden gem of London that has full of community and great beer.

For more details, check out: The Woolfpack

Camden Town Brewery

Location: Camden Town

Camden has become a staple beer among the pubs of London so visiting it's Brewery in the iconic Camden is an excelent experience

The brewery tour includes:

  • Get to know all about the history and ways of brewing
  • Try all the year round beers, and even some one off batches
  • A look around the shiny brew house, seeing how the do things!!
  • Try the beer straight from the tank - it's the freshest you'll get
  • Brewery tour graduate pin badge
  • A pint at othe Pop-Up Beer Garden

  • For more details, check out: Camden Town Brewery

    Beer + Burger

    Location: Various locations across London

    Although NOT a brewery taproom, I've includes this on the list as it offers broad choice of beers that can be enjoyed with some top-notch burgers.

    If you ever have the chance to visit beer + burger you will not be disappointed by the beer choice!!!

    For more details, check out: Beer + Burger

    Crate Brewery

    Location: Hackney Wick

    Crate brewery offers everything you would expect from a great taproom: excellent beer, relaxed location, live music, and fresh pizza. The interior of the brewery is rustic with a real hipster vibe, which makes it quirky enough but not too enough to scare any of the generalists away. The real pièce de résistance of Crate Brewery is the outside space, which is plentiful and hugs against the river making it a location that cannot be beaten for a few sundowners.

    For more details, check out: Crate Brewry

    Pressure Drop

    Location: Tottenham Hale

    This brewery is doing some excellent things at the moment and has to be seen as one of the most innovative and exciting craft breweries in the UK at the moment.

    The taproom itself is very laidback atmosphere but an excellent visit to experience some amazing beers with friends.

    For more details, check out: Pressure Drop Brewery

    Brixton Brewery

    Location: Brixton

    Brixton is the place to be in London for culture and good vibes.

    Brixton Brewery has mimicked the soul of this part of the city and created a great spot to visit for some tasty beers in a trendy area.

    For more details, check out: Brixton Brewery

    Beavertown Brewery

    Location: Tottenham Hale

    You cannot miss Beavertown's marketing as you travel around London. The iconic imagery and bright colours create an almost superhero persona around the brand. Along with their exciting marketing they brew some great beers that like their brand are full of flavour and character.

    The taproom is open every Saturday so make sure you get down to Tottenham to see this iconic brand and taste some excellent beers while you do so.

    For more details, check out: Beavertown Brewery

    Wimbledon Brewery

    Location: Wimbledon

    The tours are guided by an experienced brewer. After an initial introduction to the brewery and its history, you’ll be shown around and invited to taste individual beers before sitting down to enjoy the atmosphere.

    For more details, check out: Wimbledon Brewery

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